TRC Tires

TRC Tires

The hottest 1/10th & 1/12th tires are now available from TRC. The “Primes” feature the great long wear European rubber you are used to on a super true, light weight hard composite rim. ”Tru-Durometer” foil packaging keeps your 32 magenta a 32 magenta. Prevents tires from drying out unlike a cardboard box.  Foil packaging also takes up less space on your wall or in your showcase.

These tires replace the Capricorn we have sold in the past. Better packaging keeps the tires fresher for equal performance pair to pair. 

Tires are rated by durometer numbers. The lower the durometer the softer the tire compound will be. The higher the durometer number the harder the tire compound. 

Softer tires give more traction but will wear quicker. 

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TEP8540 Purple 40 Fronts
•1/10th scale fronts •Purple 40 durometer compound •Carbon composite rim, ..
TEP8640 Purple 40 Rears
•1/10th scale rears •Purple 40 durometer compound •Carbon composite rim, l..