ReVtech Quad Magnet 540 4wd Short Course

•540 Quad magnet high performance brushless racing motor, more torque, more power, more speed

•5mm motor shaft rotor, Optional 1/8” rotor available

•Sensor design works with most 1/8th racing speed controls except Novak, will work with some high amp capacity 1/10th speed controllers, 2 to 4 cell operation with correct gearing

•Quad magnet rotor, Kevlar wrapped

•12 slotted stator

•Sintered Rare Earth Neo quad magnet rotor, precision ball bearings

•Adjustable timing

•52mm x 35.8mm dia., 175 grams

•Designed in the USA by Team Trinity


Dear John,

We did most of our testing with the RX8 speedo, all worked well.


We were comparing against the 4 pole Tekin 4600. And worked on development until we felt our stuff was way better.

Yes, this is sensored, and we mainly raced a Losi with the 4 pole, and a Durango occasionally .

The rotor is 17mm.

 12 slot.

We were coming off at around 150 Degrees with the following gearing on all tracks. Low gear for the tighter track.


4800KV 4 Pole Motor Start with a 12 or 13 tooth pinion

3800KV 4 Pole Motor Start with a 13 or 14 tooth pinion

 We ran other non sensored speed controls as well, and really never had issues with anything running it.

To date, even the test motors havent failed. And they are approaching  50 cycles.

Hope this helped.

Jim Dieter

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