Tire Traction Compounds

Trinity has been the leader in traction compounds for both foam onroad and rubber off-road tires since R/C started. We offer Different Traction Compounds for all Different Terrians from Indoor Carpet to Outdoor Loose Surfaces. Trinity traction compounds have been copied but never duplicated or improved on. 

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Buggy Grip Tire Traction
Buggy Grip™ tire traction was original designed by Brian Kinwald for use with rubber off-road tires...
6016 Red Dot Foam Tire Traction
  Our Red Dot traction is designed for foam tires on asphalt. High traction is achieved ..
6684 Tire Tweak Tire Traction
White Dot aka Tire tweak is the most popular tire conditioner for both R/C and slot car foam tires. ..
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TEP5000 Sticky Fingers Tire Traction
Sticky fingers is an orderless tire traction for foam and rubber tires. Cleans and rejuvinates ti..
TEP5005 Road Rage Foam/Rubber Tire Traction
Purple dot traction is blended for foam/Rubber tires on asphalt or new slippery carpet. Softe..
Dirt Destroyer Tire Traction
Designed for all rubber off-road and touring car tires Softens, and treats rubber for more gr..
Blue Groovie Tire Traction
Blue Groovie is the best tire conditioner and traction formula you will find for off-road rubber ..
Bundle of Bite On-Road Edition
All your on-road traction needs in one package. Comes with Tire Tweak, Sticky Fingers, and Red Do..
Bundle of Bite Off-Road Edition
All your off-road traction needs in one package. Comes with Buggy Grip, Blue Groovie, and Dirt De..