1S 3.7v 7400mah 135C Ultra Power Lipo Pack with 5MM Bullets

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Part #:TEP2326
Team Trinity's dominance in 1s racing is proven with countless Snowbirds and Oval Masters wins. Even with as many wins under our belt as we do, we never settle. That attitude has helped us develop our brand new Ultra Power 7400 mah White Carbon 1s Battery.  Coming in 10 grams lighter and 5c lighter than our existing 8000 mah pack, this battery is a great tuning option when you need to loose some weight and gain some punch. 

Battery Size1 Cell Standard
ROAR Approved!
Battery TypeLiPo 
Capacity @3.7V 
Capacity @3.8V
Weight 154g avg 
Connector Type
5mm Bullets Included
Balance Connector
Number of Cells1
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)93x47x18.4
Maximum Charge Rate3C = 24 amps
Continuous Discharge "C"135C
Watt Hour @3.7V27.38Wh

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