2017 IIC Championship Results

Trinity Monster “MAX” delivers 4 more IIC Championships!

October 6, 2017 Motor City, Florida. Andrew “Young Money” Knapp and Donnie Lia take on the very best spec racers in the world at Scotty Ernst’s IIC in Las Vegas and delivered 4 Championships 13.5 (TEP1505-T) 17.5 (TEP1506-T) and 25.5 (REV1804xx)

Young Money never lost a qualifier or the main in 17.5. All in all he is the IIC Champion for 13.5, 17.5 and 25.5 (Formula 1) and won all the mains in comfortable fashion.

Donnie Lia won the Pro-10 Class (first year using 17.5) TEP1506-T and was second in Modified with Andrew 3rd in a very competitive modified main.
4 Titles for the Monster Max “the new standard” for spec racing.

Batteries of Choice:

Check out the 1/12 "A" Main Video of the 17.5 A Main CLICK HERE

You know you are running fast when you separate yourself from the field in the first few laps and at that point for the rest of the video the camera man takes the race between 3rd, 4th and 5th positions.

Andrew "Young Money" Knapp completely dominates the 17.5 class never losing a heat and dominating the A main with his Monster Max (TEP1506-T) and the new CRC Carpet Knife CK25 car
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We were torn down every single heat and all mains. Not only shows respect but shows how much faster we were going than the rest of the field! Get your Monster Max TODAY!


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