2s 7.4v 5500mah 100C Slim Pack with 5MM Bullets

2s 7.4v 5500mah 100C Slim Pack with 5MM Bullets

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White Carbon Extreme Pro Level Racing LiPo Batteries 

NEW “Slim Stick" Pack

White Carbon Extreme Pro Level Racing LiPo Battery

The NEW “Slim Stick” is a new  design from typical stick packs.  This New Slim case keeps all the weight in the center of the car. Compared to other stick packs this design reduce the width 23%. 
Like the LCG the SlimStick is another  perfect option for weight placement, and can improve the handling of your Touring Car especially with corner speed. The purpose of the mid-motor style TC was to increase corner speed and when paired with a Slim Stick you can really increase the handling allowing for more straight line speed coming out the corner reducing lap times at the same time. 

-SLIM ( Slim Stick) Is Lighter and helps produce faster corner speed. 
- LCG (Low Centery of Gravity) means lighter weight and lower roll center for higher corner speeds.
- HV (High Voltage) means that the pack maintains a higher average voltage throughout the run. 
- HC (High Capacity) means the pack has a higher than average milliamp run time. 

- 5mm gold plated bullets included
- White Carbon Case

Slim & LCG Packs are Great for Added Performance and Tuning Options!

Battery Size2 Cell Slim
ROAR ApprovedPending 
Battery TypeLiPo 
Capacity @7.4V  
Capacity @7.6V  
Weight 237g avg
Connector Type  
5mm Bullets Included
Balance Connector 
2mm Pin
Number of Cells2
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)139x38x25.0
Maximum Charge Rate3C = 18 amps
Continuous Discharge "C"100C 
Watt Hour @7.4V40.7Wh


LiPo Battery Safety Plugs 5mm (10)
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