3S 11.1v 5300mah 40C with T-Plug (Deans Style)

3S 11.1v 5300mah 40C with T-Plug (Deans Style)

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Killer BEE Racing LiPo Battery Packs 

BEE battery packs offer high performance with at a wallet friendly price. These are the perfect packs for weekly racing as they are designed to be durable, offering a high cycle life. Excellent as a practice pack or even a backup for your race day packs. The BEE's will provide plenty of  power for backyard bashing and local street racing. 

Experience the Performance of a Killer BEE!

Battery Size 3 Cell Standard
ROAR Approved N/A
Battery Type LiPo 
Voltage 11.1v
Capacity @7.4V
Capacity @7.6V
Weight  000g avg
Connector Type
Deans Style
Balance Connector
Number of Cells 3
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 000x00x00
Maximum Charge Rate 1C = 5.3 amps
Continuous Discharge "C" 40C
Watt Hour @7.4V 58.83Wh

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