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A Bit of Trinity History:

Trinity was founded with very humble beginnings in 1980 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Originally, Ernest N. Provetti, the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer was a theology student studying to be a Roman Catholic Priest.

With a massive career change and the help of his closest friend, Tony P (world-renown slot car chassis maker) he started an idea which would later become his destiny, to own and operate one of the leading Radio Control companies the industry as ever seen, as well as fame and riches well beyond any of his dreams.

Known as an innovator and a maverick, Provetti took many chances in building his company with the thousand dollar loan he received from his immigrant grandfather and the love and loyalty of his mother, Angela. Those risks went from “putting his house as collateral to buy the entire first run of a new launch of Sanyo batteries which would change the way R/C people raced to taking on R.O.A.R and making the first “rebuildable” stock motor when people said the idea would fail. He was a maverick to the point where he wanted to see new trends and new things developed to change the way people raced their R/C cars for the better.

Based in slot-car racing, both Ernie Provetti and Tony P. were multi-time National champions, world record holders and made quite an impact on the slot car industry in the mid to late 70’s.

Only when Tony P and Bob Emott (of B.I.R. tire fame) showed Ernie the first R/C car “an old Bolink car) did Provetti think to leave the comfortable world of slot cars hehad known as a youth behind for the new and potential-packed world of Radio Control.

In 1980, they both met up with Joel Johnson, who became the company’s first and only sponsored driver and the company made some major impact at the 1980 R.O.A.R. National Championships at Rattey’s Raceway in the Boston area against the mega-huge and famous Team Associated.

In 1981, Trinity had the pleasure of working with Ralph Burch (now known as “World’s Greatest) who was attacking the indoor circuits of the Midwest with Team Jomac. With Ralph and Joel loaded up as the #1 and #2 drivers in R/C Trinity was on it’s way to becoming one of if not the most distinguished electric motor companies in the world.

The company’s mission was and still is today to produce the “very best” products which are developed by our race-team at the National Championships to the local tracks in your area. Our motto was and still is: “if we can’t take on the very best competitors in the world and beat them” then our product is not ready for you, the customer!

The final piece of the puzzle in the early years was the meeting of Jim Dieter, who today still is the company’s R/C motor guru and most consider the finest mechanic / motor man in the industry today. Jim started racing for Trinity and finished 3rd in the ultra competitive U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland behind Joel Johnson and Bob Light. He went on to win many National Championships in off-road and dirt-oval before settling on being the head designer at Team Trinity and producing the best horsepower the R/C industry has ever seen.

Trinity has been in business now for 30+ years and the excitement and drive is the same as it was when we first pulled into Rattey’s parking lot many years ago.

The people and racers that have helped us over the years are too many too list but a few need mention. Bob Light, Josh Cyrul, Brian Kinwald, Adam Drake, David Spashett, Greg Hodapp, Gil Losi Jr., Chris Doseck, George Land, Bill Jeric, Ken Cutler, Bruce Holecek, the late Mr. Mori (TMC), the late Hisashi Suzuki(Kyosho), Pat Takeda of Sanyo Energy, Dave Kazior of Matsushita, Mr. DR Zhu of BYD, the late Mike Reedy, Neal McCurdy and a countless array of others we all owe a debt of gratitude to.

A lot has changed but some things are constant. We have been and still are respected as the most innovative and in front of the curve with brushless motors and any battery chemistry. Our many lines of motors over the years continually push the limits of brushless motor technology.

We wish you the very best in all your R/C needs and hope that we can still remain “your power source” for all of your R/C vehicles!

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