D3.5 21.5T Monster Horsepower SPEC Brushless Motor

D3.5 21.5T Monster Horsepower SPEC Brushless Motor

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The D3.5 21.5 SPEC motor is here. Designed by Jim Dieter to the motor to it's limits.

  • Short stator, less wire, lower resistance, more power.
  • Lightweight endplate, less weight, lower center of gravity for better handling.
  • Improved air flow, cooler operating temperatures.
  • Silicone rotor damper
  • Timing gauge on end bell, easier to make timing adjustments motor to motor, run to run.
  • 100% designed for spec racing, No compromises.
  • Optimized for 1-2 Cell Lipo operation, Touring, off-road, oval, etc.
  • Sensor design, works with most high end racing speed controls
  • 21.5t approximately (2800Kv)
  • Designed by Team Trinity in the USA.
  • Not ROAR Legal
*Check rules at your local track.

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