Equalizer 17.5t SPEC Motor

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Part #: TEP1841
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Trinity is proud to announce the Equalizer Spec Motor with locked timing ring and a tamper proof Sticker with serial number.

We are hoping the tamper proof Equalizer can lead to a resurgence in SPEC racing and bring new people into the hobby. We feel that building a bridge from the novice racer to the enthusiast R/C Racer with help the sport grow. Designed and tested for easy entry into r/c  racing. Available in three turns 13.5t, 17.5t and 21.5t. Also available is a 17.5t motor and battery combo designed for 1/10 Off-Road Racing (TEP1850).

New and Improved Design 


  • TEP1112 High Torque Rotor 
  • Motor screw heads have been epoxied to prevent tampering of motor
  • Both motor and battery come with a tamper proof numbered seal
  • Motor has a locked timing ring
  • Internal tabs and collector plate have been epoxied to prevent de-winding or resoldering
  • Rotor shaft is tapered on the end to easily identify


  • TEP1840 13.5t Motor
  • TEP1841 17.5t Motor
  • TEP1842 21.5t Motor
  • TEP1850 17.5t Motor with 2-cell 7.4v 4300mah Lipo Factory Shorty Battery (LF4023)