The MX Series of ESC's are the newest ESC's on the block in the RC industry today. Not only are they the newest, they are also the hottest selling. To say we can't keep them in stock is an understatement! We are super proud of our first ESC's and we are even more proud to have so many happy customers and team drivers. Our goal was to have the most tunable and smoothest ESC on the market, and we definitely think that we were able to deliver. One thing that sets us apart from our competition is some of our settings that are available on the MX series ESC's. With that being said,  there has been some confusion with what exactly the Drive Frequency settings do. 

Drive Frequency is a powerful option that changes the feel of the power band. Like everything though, there is give and take to be accounted for when changing Drive Frequency settings. The general rule of thumb is that if you are looking for bottom end power, you should lower your drive frequency. If you need a smoother power delivery, you may raise the Frequency to achieve this. Be careful though as having your drive frequency may result in a lower top speed down long straights. Having your drive frequency to high or low will also create excessive unnecessary heat in both the ESC and motor. Just like everything when it comes to working on your cars, you may need to test and tune to figure out what works best for your driving style! 

Is there a tech question that you have? Drop a comment and you may see it in a future post. As always do not hesitate to use the "Contact Us" portal on the site if you have any questions on any Trinity products! 

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