The Trinity MX Series of ESC's may be the new kid on the block but, it is turning heads at an astonishing rate. We have been having great success on both the 1/8th and 1/10th sides from both customers and team drivers. We are incredibly proud of our first ESC's from both a software and hardware perspective. There have been some questions surrounding I-Brake and Brake Rate settings, keep reading to find the differences! 

The I-Brake setting is super useful in any application where you need brakes that provide more "punch". A great example is when you have a bit of track that is short and tight! In that case you would put your I-Brake to a higher value so that you have enough brake power to slow the car down fast. The I-Brake value can also be lowered so that the brakes can be more easily controlled down low. Having trouble controlling your brakes on a loose surface? Lower that I-Brake! Have grip but and need to slow the car down faster? Raise that I-Brake up up! When your I-Brake is at 15, rather than 0 or 5, think of it as your brake is starting at 15% rather than from a true 0%. We have noticed that you may run into issues if the I-Brake lower than 5 so just bear that in mind! 

The Brake Rate setting can also be super helpful in making the car easier to drive, or even easier to control under braking! Where the I-Brake is really just for initial brake, the Brake Rate setting affects the entire throttle range. Need some help controlling the car when braking due to a twitchy trigger finger or loose surface? Lower your brake rate to soften the entire range. Need a car that has more aggressive braking? Raise the Brake Rate up! 

In all forms of racing stoping power is just as important as horsepower. With the power of the MX series of ESC's you have the ability to change exactly the setting you need in precise increments to shave those all important .1's off your times. Are there any more settings you have questions about? Feel free to let us know by using the "Contact Us" portal on the website! 


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