The MX Series of ESC's are the newest ESC's on the block in the RC industry today. Not only are they the newest, they are also the hottest selling. To say we can't keep them in stock is an understatement! We are super proud of our first ESC's and we are even more proud to have so many happy customers and team drivers. Our goal was to have the most tunable and smoothest ESC on the market, and we definitely think that we were able to deliver. One thing that sets us apart from our competition is some of our settings that are available on the MX series ESC's. With that being said, there has been some confusion as to what the difference between the IP Limiter and Throttle Rate settings. In order to help you out, we're here to do some further explaining. 

The IP Limiter is super useful in any application where you need more "punch". A great example is when you have a short run up to a large jump! In that case you would put your IP to a higher value so that you have power down low. The IP limiter can also be lowered so that the power can be more easily controlled down low. Having trouble getting the power to the ground on a loose surface? Lower that IP Limiter! Have grip but need more low end power? Raise that IP up! When your IP is at 15, rather than 0 or 5, think of it as your throttle is starting at 15% rather than from a true 0%. We have noticed that you may run into issues if the IP limiter is set at a value lower than 5. 

The Throttle Rate setting can also be super helpful in making the car easier to drive, or even more powerful! Where the IP Limiter is really just for initial power, the Throttle Rate setting affects the entire throttle range. Need some help getting the power down due to a twitchy trigger finger or loose surface? Lower your throttle rate to soften the entire range. Need a car that feels punchier? Raise the Throttle Rate up! 

Throttle Rate and IP Limiter settings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to MX Series settings. Is there a setting that you have questions about? Drop a comment and you may see it in a future post. As always do not hesitate to use the "Contact Us" portal on the site if you have any questions on any Trinity products! 

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