Monster Horsepower Modified 2.5T Brushless Motor

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Brand: Monster
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ROAR 2.5t Modified Brushless Motor

Designed for all out power and speed needed for Extreme On-Road Racing - Drag Racing, Pan Cars & Touring Cars 

  • Monster Horsepower Series is all new!
  • Aluminum based sensor board for true sensor alignment
  • Infinite Timing Adjustment
  • 2mm Copper Tabs
  • Thicker Pure Copper Solder Tabs and Collector
  • Thermal Stator Coating for the best heat dissipation possible
  • Turbine style vented nose
  • More Vents for More Cooling
  • New 220C wire coating
  • Certified Gauge High Temperature Wire
  • New Short Stack Stator Design
  • New Stator Material
  • Grade 5 Ball Bearings
  • Uses all D3.5, D4  and 24K Rotors

* MAX Voltage 11.1v 3Cell Lipo Battery

* Check your ESC Specs to make sure that it can handle down to a 2.5t