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Monster MAX 17.5T Trade-In Program

Posted by Chris on 2/28/2019 to NEWS



Gregory Ashton
Date: 2/28/2019
This offer is terrible. What about all of us that bought the spec/team versions of the Monster Max for $150+? You’re trying to fool us into thinking you’re offering a great trade in of 50% off a $150 motor; yet in actuality, you’re offering 25% off a $100 motor. Not only that, but you’ve made the original purchase date window so small that only a small fraction on the people you ripped off will be able to get a trade in. Do you really think your customers are this stupid? This offer is embarrassing and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re going to lose the majority of your customers with this piss poor offer. Good riddance.
Troy Gardner
Date: 2/28/2019
I do appreciate the jester but that is a bad deal. I’ll just buy a x motor at the $114.00 and keep my monsters for parts. Now if it was trade in a monster max stator and get a complete x motor for $75.00 it could be almost worth it.
Date: 3/3/2019
The motors sell for $99.99 and not the MSRP of $149.99. You are basically discounting the new motor by only 25%. By the time you factor in shipping back to trinity the discount is less than 25%. Anyone who has purchased one of the spec motors will feel hard done by as they are not being offered an equivalent replacement. The damage this has done to the Trinity brand when you factor in the previous disaster with the D3.5 will be hard to repair. Wish you luck but I will be switching to another brand.

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