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Monster MAX 17.5t Press Release

Posted by Chris on 2/18/2019 to NEWS
Monster MAX 17.5t Press Release

Once again we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to your Hobby Experience.
It's understandable that if you purchased a TEP1506 Series of motor to be upset, but calling us, sending us emails and online messages bashing us and accusing us of various things, will certainly get you nowhere. I thank the individuals who have called and emailed that have been respectful and understanding of the situation.
Please be patient while the Owner works out the details on how we are going to handle this situation. The announcement of the terms and condition will be posted on or  before 2-28-19. 

Team Trinity



Melton Hobbs
Date: 2/20/2019
Will this trade offer cover all MM17.5 bought in 2018? Or just one motor per person? I have 8 of these motors, all installed, proof on 4.
Date: 2/27/2019
So if we bought these motors before 2018 and we have been using them since n have no receipt we don’t get a discount?
Troy Gardner
Date: 3/1/2019
It’s unfortunate that RORA can’t just ohm motors and DQ the motors that are out of spec. The out of spec motors has to be a very small percentage of all the motors that are out there. All of my monster max motors are in spec as far as the Minimum ohms by a tenth or two. With any racing equipment manufacturer to be fast you have to push it to the limit and with pushing to the limit sometimes that limit can get crossed. Don’t be mad that trinity pushes it to the limits, that’s why you buy trinity motors, because they are at the limit. Toyota, Chevy, Ford all Racing teams/ manufacturers push the limit and cross the line sometimes. That’s why we race, to push limits.
Ken Ho
Date: 3/11/2019
I have a brand new unused MM17.5 as a spare motor in which I brought before 2018. I brought this motor for 1/12 racing and our local track uses ROAR rule. It seems it is unfair the purchase has to be after 2018. Is there a special rule to my case?
Date: 3/27/2019
It's been quite some time since I bought this motor I don't have the original sales receipt and quite frankly I think the offer that you're offering sucks
Timothy HOWER
Date: 4/30/2019
why offer it at all? I spent $200 on a motor and you're going to buy it back at less than a quarter of what I paid for it? Why not just offer the discount? What are you going to do with these old motors? They are garbage to you! I'll keep my ILLEGAL motor and buy what I was told I was getting from you from someone else. Looks like I missed the window anyway.
Date: 4/30/2019
I've used Trinity's products for 20 years, plus actually and I loved this motor so to be fair I can't leave a negative comment without the good. I love their products. I'm disappointed I can't use their motor and the insulting trade in offer. 25 dollars is all your own product is worth to you?

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