Slot Car Comm Cooler for ProSlot Motors (50) Bulk

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The "Evil Bucks Racer " comm cooler is designed to be used on all slot car motors that have a shaft extending out of the endbell side. It helps pull heat away from the commutator and shaft.

These are made to slide on to your motor shaft and be held on with glue, (blue/red Loctite works great). By gluing it on you do not have to heat up the comm cooler excessively which in turn heats up the armature, which of course we are trying to avoid in the first place.

Place comm cooler on the commutator side of the shaft even with the end of the shaft on a motor like the ProSlot Puppy or Big Dog, make sure it is not right up against the bearing or bushing. put a single drop of Loctite on the end where the shaft exits. That's all you have to do.

To remove heat comm cooler with your soldering iron for a few seconds to break down the glue and you should be able to remove it. I recommend using an exacto knife blade in one of the slots, heat with iron and push it off.

  • Quantity (50) Bulk Bag
  • Anodized Black

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