Team Drivers

DriverDakotah Phend
LocationLansing, MI USA
Years Racing17
Class2wd & 4wd Mod Buggy, Mod Truck, Mod 2wd & 4wd SC, eBuggy & eTruggy, Nitro Buggy & Truggy
Major Wins'16 Reedy Race Champion, 3 Mod Buggy National Championships, Multi Time World Finalist
Favorite TrackStateline RC
MotorMonster 7.0T
BatteryWhite Carbon 5000Mah
Driver TipRemember to have Fun, this is why we all go into RC!

DriverTyler Jones
LocationRochester, IN
Years Racing10
Class2wd & 4wd Mod Buggy, 2wd Stock Buggy, 2wd Mod Truck, eBuggy, Nitro Buggy & Truggy
Major WinsReedy TQ Open, Podiums at Alabama Manufacture Shootout, Psycho Nitro Blast, Southern Indoor Champs,
Chitown Shootout, Horizon Midwest Classic, 2wd Mod TQ & Win Region 5
Favorite TrackEN Hobbies / Stateline RC
MotorMonster MAX
BatteryWhite Carbon
Driver TipHave Fun, Don't Give Up and Throw some Gnarly Whips!

DriverAndrew $Young Money$ Knapp
LocationGrand Rapids, MI
Years Racing17
Class1/12 Stock, 1/12 Super Stock, 1/12 Mod, F1, Touring Car, Off-Road
Major WinsVegas Baby!!! '16 Sweep of all was a good one, '17 IIC Dominating 1/12 Stock
with a 11 second margin. But the Major wins that are the best are the ones to come.
Favorite TrackCleveland Host of the "Indoor Champs"
MotorMonster MAX
BatteryWhite Carbon
Driver TipIt's hard to go fast in 1/12...just drive it. If it feels like the car is tweaked, 
fix it, don't keep driving it.

DriverAJ Marasco
LocationSpring Hill, FL
Years Racing5
ClassExpert 2wd Stock Buggy, 13.5 4wd Buggy,
Stadium Truck, 1/8 eBuggy
Major WinsScotty Ernest Showdown at Beachline Raceway
TQ & Wins in 2wd Stock Buggy & Stock Stadium Truck
Favorite TrackLake Park Lutz, FL
MotorMonster MAX 17.5 Certified Team SPEC
BatteryWhite Carbon 4000mah
Driver TipAlways help out others with setup or marshaling
and always maintain your equipment for better performance 

DriverRyan Harris "YouTube Channel"
LocationSaint Petersburg, FL 
Years Racing10
Class1/10 Off-Road
Major WinsSuper Cup 17.5 Expert Stock Champion, 
13.5 4wd Champion, 13.5 ST Truck Champion
Favorite TrackLake Park Tampa, FL 
MotorX-Factor 17.5
BatteryWhite Carbon 4000Mah 
Driver Tip Practice! Practice! Practice! 

DriverJayme Riley
LocationMount Pleasant, MI
Years Racing10
Class17.5 Stock & 13.5 SPEC
Major Wins'16 & '17 Snowbird Nationals 17.5 Stock Truck, '17 Snowbird Nationals 13.5 SPEC Champ,
'17 Oval Master 13.5 SPEC Champ
Favorite TrackSnowbird Nationals, nothing compares to it
MotorMonster MAX Certified
BatteryWhite Carbon
Driver TipPractice wins races, Do your homework, know what's fast before you show up to a big race

DriverPatrick Rossiter
LocationSavannah, GA
Years Racing24
ClassIf it has wheels, I'm your huckleberry!
Major Wins'17 SIC TQ & Win 1/8 eBuggy
'17 JConcepts Super Cup 13.5 4wd Buggy Champion
Favorite Track1/8 Phil Hurd Raceway
1/10 Beach Hobbies
Motor1/8 D8 Series, 1/10 Monster MAX
BatteryWhite Carbon Series
MottoNever drive angry! It can be contagious...

DriverAnthony Searls
LocationColdwater, MI
Years Racing23
ClassOval 13.5 Open, 13.5 SPEC
Major Wins4x BRL ALL-STAR $500 to Win CHAMP, 3x BRL Series Champ,
'16 Oval Master Winner, '17 Snowbird TQ
Favorite TrackFinishline R/C
Motor Monster MAX
BatteryWhite Carbon Series HV

DriverPierre Delorme
LocationMontbrison, France
Years Racing14
ClassTouring Stock SPEC 13.5T
Major Wins3 Time Winner French National Champion, 10+ French Nationals Wins,
Podium Finish European Championships
Favorite TrackMarseille, France
MotorMonster "MAX" 13.5t Certified
BatteryRevtech Graphene
Speed SecretKeep maximum corner speed with low braking, then use all the power
Trinity Motors will give you to exit the corner. This is how you will WIN!

DriverJeremy Harris
Years Racing10+
ClassOff-Road Buggy
Major Wins2014 ROAR 2wd Stock National Champion
Favorite TrackBeachline Raceway
MotorMonster "MAX" 17.5t Team SPEC
BatteryWhite Carbon Turf Pack

DriverDominic Ruggiere
LocationBrick, NJ
Years Racing8
ClassOval Carpet - Pro Stock, 10.5, Pro Mod
Major WinsBRL National Finals, US Oval Champs, Multiple Podium Finish Snowbird Nationals
Favorite TrackTracks Horsham, PA, Trax70 NJ (Old "Mega Track"), Marshall's Hobby, PA
MotorMonster Max, & Old School D3.5 10.5
BatteryWhite Carbon 1s
Racer Tips Preparation and Practice, set goals. Help your local racers. Have FUN!!

DriverTony Rudis
LocationWyckoff, NJ
Years Racing28
Class1/10th Drag Racing
Major WinsWorld Finals '14, '15, '16, '17
Favorite TrackRockingham, NC
MotorMonster 2.5t Drag
Battery6500HV White Carbon


DriverEan Reiley
LocationFort Wayne, IN
Years Racing6years - 5 Oval, 1 Off-Road
Class17.5t Buggy, 13.5t 4wd
Major Wins4 Time Snowbird Champ,
Kyosho Event Stock & Mod Buggy Wins
Favorite TrackRC Club House, RC Fun Park, Inside Groove
MotorMonster MAX Series
BatteryLipo Factory
Driver TipBuy a Monster or chase one it's your choice!

DriverCory Parsons
LocationFt. Myers, FL
Years Racing10
ClassElectric Touring Car
Major WinsROAR Asphalt Nationals
Favorite TrackFt. Myers Civic Center
MotorMonster "MAX"
BatteryWhite Carbon 2s HV
Racer TipPractice Practice Practice! Hot laps don't mean
anything if you can't do it the entire race.