White Carbon 4300 (TEP2322) vs White Carbon 4100 (TEP2314), Which is the pack for you?

For over 40 years Team Trinity has been on the forefront of motor and battery technology. The White Carbon battery line has been raced in everything from Mod 1/12th to electric 1/8th scale. Our 2 most popular 2s shorty style batteries are our White Carbon 4100 (TEP2314) and 4300 (TEP2322) batteries for good reason. Both have been proven winners in some of the largest races in the world. There is a burning question though, which one is right for me? 

White Carbon 4100 (TEP2314)

The White Carbon 4100 pack is our ultimate Low Profile 2s shorty. Measuring in at just 18.5mm thick, it is just about 3/4 the size of a standard sized pack. It is also quite a bit lighter at only 158g. What this means is that your overall center of gravity will be much lower. With weight that much lower, the vehicle will be less likely to roll in high grip conditions. All of that equates to you being able to push the car harder into corners to keep that important corner speed up. When the grip is high, this is a great option to have so that the car stays flatter in the corner. This pack has been used in all buggy classes, including 4wd, with great success. 

White Carbon 4300 (TEP2322)

The White Carbon 4300 pack has proven itself to be THE pack for spec racing. Weighing in at 217g this battery packs a low IR and high C rating, perfect for spec racing. Not only that, but with it's 4300 mah rating you know for certain that you will make it an entire main. Team Drivers, and customers, like this pack when track conditions are loose and a little more weight can make the car easier to drive. It's always good to remember that a car can be too light! 

The Pro's Opinion

16 time National Champion Dakotah Phend chooses the 4100 (TEP2314) battery in his Trinity powered, TLR rides. Dakotah had this to say about his personal battery choice; "I use the Trinity White Carbon 4100 pack in all of my modified 2wd and 4wd TLR buggies for the lowest center of gravity and most stability no matter what surface I am racing on."

2021 Stock National Champion, Matthew Gonzales, had this to say when he explained how he chooses which battery to run. Matty said, "If the track's big enough, I believe running the 4300 mah pack would be optimal because it can better handle the power the motor draws. Depending on track size though, the 4100 can be utilized on a smaller track with no fade."

So, Which Do I buy?

Both packs are great choices for both stock and modified racing. Dependent on track however, one may yield a performance advantage. If racing on a high bite track (such as carpet or clay), the 4100 pack is a great choice. Having the weight lower on the car will help in the corners by causing less roll and keep the car more consistent. With that being said though, if you find that you have to add weight to your car in order for it to be legal, or to make it easier to drive, you'll want to go with the 4300 pack due to it being around 60 grams heavier. Take a look at the picture below to see the size difference between the 4300 and 4100 packs!

Large/Open TracksSmall/Technical Tracks
When Additional Weight is neededWhen car is too heavy
To gain grip When car needs to stay flatter 
When big power is needed

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