New Team Trinity Aluminum Pinion Caddy

Posted by AJ "Indy Stock" Zale on 4/5/2022 to NEW PRODUCT RELEASES
Team Trinity has been the leader in No-Fade, Monster Horsepower, for over 40 years. We decided that 2022 was our year to take over the pit space game as well. We are super happy to show off our new Billet Aluminum Ultimate Pit Caddy. This pinion caddy is specially designed to fit 48p gears in the range of 16t-40t in a clean and organized way. Say goodbye to the days of ugly pit caddies and pinion gear messes! These should be hitting the shelves in May so, keep your eyes peeled on the site! 

New Team Trinity Digital Soldering Iron

Posted by AJ "Indy Stock" Zale on 3/31/2022
New Team Trinity Digital Soldering Iron
Soldering is one of the most important skills necessary within the RC hobby. Wether you're at the house or at the track, you need to have an iron near by for motor changes or connector changes. Most irons are bulky and super heavy to carry around. Luckily Team Trinity has your back with our all new 110w soldering iron. With a simple "stick" design as well a built 120v power cable, you won't even notice you have your iron in your bag. Perfect for flying or simply lightening up your bag! Don't let the small form factor fool you, this iron is still packed with features that even the largest of soldering set ups don't have. The Trinity 110w iron heats up quick, in either celsius or farenugeight, but also has an auto shut off so that you don't risk tip life. On top of that, our iron has a beautiful digital display (with controls) that makes sure your setting are exactly where you want them! 

Product Features: 
  • Digital Display Control
  • Auto Safety Shutoff
  • Power Output 110w
  • Portable  (Direct Wall Plug In)
  • Rapid heat up 
  • Programmable Sleep timer
  • Ceramic heating element, with a built in platinum temperature sensor.
  • Dual Temperature Mode ( F/C)

New 5,600 mah 4s Shorty! (TEP2324)

Posted by AJ "Indy Stock" Zale on 1/3/2022

Phend Signature Series Carpet Edition Motors

Posted by AJ "Indy Stock" Zale on 11/24/2021 to NEW PRODUCT RELEASES
Get what the 2021 Modified Florida Carpet Champion runs in his 2wd and 4wd Modified Buggies! All new Phenom Signature Series Carpet Edition motors are live!
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