New Universal Weight Management System (TEP3088)!

Posted by AJ "Indy Stock" Zale on 7/15/2021 to NEW PRODUCT RELEASES
New Universal Weight Management System (TEP3088)!
The brand new Universal Weight Management System (TEP3088) has hit the site! These were an idea by Team Manager Kevin Abbott specifically for the Custom Works platforms. In testing, however, we have found that they have a use in other forms of racing such as drag. The design of this system allows for it to be used on many other chassis on the market. 

The design allows for weight to be screwed in the cross bar for a secure fitment. The days of taped weight coming off through a run are now a thing of the past! With other weight options (Coming Soon) the user has the ability to add exactly what they want exactly where they need it.

Link To Get Yours:

New Eliminator 6400mah Drag Pack (REV2038-5)!

Posted by AJ "Indy Stock" Zale on 7/13/2021 to NEW PRODUCT RELEASES
New Eliminator 6400mah Drag Pack (REV2038-5)!
Possibly the most highly anticipated release of the summer coming in hot! With the extreme growth within the drag race community we at Trinity have decided to change the game once again. We are confident that we have the best power lineup on the market with our new Hole Shot 6400 mah battery (REV2038-5) and Drag Master motor lineup!
These packs have ultra low IR making them perfect for all classes, including spec motor classes. Besides that, they feature XT90 connectors attached to XT90 connectors to make sure all the power gets out as fast as possible. That power comes out at at a whopping true 200c rating!
Make sure to get your pre-orders in now so you too can get the hole shot and eliminate your competition.
Batteries have a ship date of Mid August!

Link to Pre-Order:

New Aluminum Mud Scrapers for Custom Works Hubs!

Posted by AJ "Indy Stock" Zale on 7/12/2021 to NEW PRODUCT RELEASES
New Aluminum Mud Scrapers for Custom Works Hubs!
Ever go to a wet track and get frustrated with mud getting caked into your wheels and causing a wobble? Those days are of the past with the new TEP3087 Mud Scrapers! The Mud Scrapers are a direct bolt on to our revolutionary aluminum hubs (TEP3085) even with the optional brass weights (TEP3086)! Designed in house by Kevin Abbott these are sure to take the oval world by storm so get your's now!

The Mud Scrapers are proudly manufactured out of aluminum right here in Longwood, Florida USA!

Link to Get Yours Now:

Aluminum Custom Works Hubs Tep3085

Posted by Kevin on 5/20/2021 to NEW PRODUCT RELEASES
Aluminum Custom Works Hubs  Tep3085
Immediate Release! New Optional Aluminum Rear Hubs for the Custom Works Outlaw/Rocket4 Platforms. TEP3085 UPC: 690776141405 Retail: $84.99 Webstore: $59.49 This was a Design Idea by Team Manger Kevin Abbott and Manufactured Here in the USA. This Hub design is a direct bolt on in place of the stock Custom Works plastic hubs. Unlike any hub on the Market currently this hub offers many different features. In Dirt Oval Racing across the Country racers race on all different surfaces and grip levels, These Aluminum Hubs are recommend to be ran on all surfaces but in a low bite traction situation we offer a fully adjustable bolt on weight system which allows you to add weight on either Left or Right rear hubs in different increments which will be released soon. (Sold Separately) Along with the weight option we will offer a Dirt Scrapper that will prevent your wheels from building up with dirt/mud. Team Driver Grant Ryals Ran these hubs for the first time and not only TQed and Won the 2021 Wild West ShootOut, But did it with a Blistering pace setting a new track Record (4.555). Features: Precision Machined 7075 Aluminum More Direct Feel Increased Durability / More adjustability Bolt on weight option / Dirt Scrapper For All Track Conditions Weights 12 grams
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