Low Profile Billet Aluminum Servo Horn

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Part #:TEP1925
In the age of High Speed, High Torque, Brushless Servos you need something that is lightweight yet super strong. Our 25t Spline, clamping, servo horn has been tested to ensure it can fulfill the demands of even the toughest high bite surfaces. Even though the horn is super strong is is still super light, perfect for spec racing applications where grams could equal .1's on track. There is no better complement to out HT-1980 brushless servo than our Low Profile Billet Aluminum Servo Horn. 

  • 15mm or 19mm adjustable length 
  • 2.5mm Billet Aluminum 
  • Total 31mm Length 
  • M3 Threaded Holes 
  • 25T Spline 

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