1s 3.7V 250mah Drone & Quad 45c LiPo Battery Pack

1s 3.7V 250mah Drone & Quad 45c LiPo Battery Pack

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DR Flight Series LiPo Battery Packs

DR Flight Series battery packs offer high performance power and flight time. These are the perfect packs for a variety of quads, micro helicopters and micro airplanes. The DR Series batteries will provide plenty of  power for backyard hobbyist and the experienced flyer.

Experience the Performance of a DR Flight Series Pack!

Battery Size 1 Cell Drone
ROAR Approved N/A
Battery Type LiPo 
Voltage 3.7v
Capacity @7.4V
Capacity @7.6V
Weight  6g avg
Connector Type
Ultra Micro
Balance Connector
Number of Cells 1
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 50x11.6x5.6
Maximum Charge Rate 2C = .5 amps
Continuous Discharge "C" 45C
Watt Hour @3.7V .925Wh

  • Blade Inductrix
  • Blade Inductrix FPV
  • Blade Inductrix Pro FPV
  • Blade Nano CP X
  • Blade Nano QX
  • Blade mCX/mCX2
  • Blade mSR
  • Blade mSR X
  • E-flite Ultra-Micro Radian
  • EasySky P38
  • HobbyZone Champ
  • HobbyZone Duet
  • ParkZone Ember
  • ParkZone Ultra Micro J-3 Cub
  • ParkZone Ultra Micro P-51D AS3X
  • ParkZone Ultra Micro P51D
  • ParkZone Ultra Micro Pole Cat
  • ParkZone Ultra-Micro Spitfire Mk IX
  • ParkZone Ultra-Micro T-28 Trojan

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