SPEC 12.3 x 25.5mm Long (ROAR 25.5t SPEC) Rotor - Silver

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Brand: Epic
Part #: TEP1117-P
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Standard Race SPEC Features:

  • Includes rotor shim kit
  • Fits: Monster, X-Factor, Punisher, 24K  D4, D3.5, Kill Shot and more
  • Neo rare earth magnet rotor 
  • Nickel plated
  • 12.3 x 25.5mm Long
  • 1500 +/- Gauss Avg.
  •  (ROAR 25.5t SPEC) Rotor - Silver
  • Recommended for 1/10 Touring 25.5t ROAR SPEC Class
Certified Rotors are tested and Certified 5% Team Spec 

Only the best of the batch will be classified as certified. Each and every batch of  Rotors will be tested and only the best will be good enough to be sold as Certified". Each Rotor is tested in a controlled environment, so every rotor is consistent from batch to batch. All Certified Rotors are tested one by one to ensure that the product is at it's highest potential